Angelina’s Chestnut Puree Vermicelli

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

If you have a sweet tooth or if you are looking for the best Mont Blanc cake in Paris, then look no further as Angelina tearoom is exactly the place where you should be heading.

Angelina tearoom offers a great collection of pastries and sweets; the Circus tart with orange and passion fruit cream, candied citrus, and a touch of mango fruit is topped with honey meringue. If you are interested in dining at the restaurant, you must make a reservation, but the line to buy a delicious pastry is open to all.

Angelina’s Chestnut Puree Vermicelli Tower is definitely one of the main and important things to try while in Paris. This creation is simply outstanding. The crème de marron “spaghetti” on the outside is wonderfully textured and flavored. It is full of chestnut and is not too moist, dry, creamy, sweet or bitter, as some other Mont Blanc’s can be.

The best part is the vanilla crème within the Mont Blanc that melts like butter activating all your taste buds. The meringue heart provides a good measure of crispy and crunchy fun, with an added kick of sweetness. More than 600 pieces are sold every day in the Angelina tearoom, Rue de Rivoli.

You can choose between two versions, the normal chestnut or chocolate one. Lovers of classic French desserts can’t miss this famous and mouth-watering Mont Blanc, by Chef Sebastien Bauer from Angelina Tea House near the Louvre.