Why Are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses in Such High Demand?

Summary: Daily disposable contacts are increasing in popularity. Here are some reasons why.

Daily disposable contact lenses are amongst some of the most popular types of contact lenses out there. They are a one-time use contact lens that is put on in the morning and discarded at the end of the day. Similar to your other lenses like the Air Optix contact lenses, dailies provide the same, if not more, comfort but you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and cleaning.

Shouldn’t They Be Good for Longer than a Day?

The more frequently you replace your contacts, the healthier your eyes will be. As you already know, protein and calcium can build up from your tears on the lenses. It doesn’t matter what type of contact lenses you have on; you won’t be able to stop the production of the aforementioned substances. These deposits can make your contact lenses uncomfortable after a period of time and also leave you open to getting an infection.

Of course, they can be cleaned, but it still isn’t a fully effective maneuver. Calcium and protein deposits can remain on the contact lenses leaving you with a filthy medical device.

Why Are Dailies Effective?

Even before dailies became popular, replacing contact lenses regularly was a healthy practice recommended by eye doctors. The problem was, contact lenses became too expensive for consumers to constantly throw away after every use. As a result, numerous cleaning solutions were developed to help improve the longevity of contacts.

Some of today’s contact lenses are designed from the exact same materials as your standard traditional contacts, while other are designed with all-new materials and can be disposed safely after every use. If you’re looking to purchase new dailies, it’s important that you opt for a trusted contact lens retailer like Lens.com so you know you’re dealing with a legitimate seller.