The colors of spring


Retailers are wooing customers into stores in droves. The Barron’s reports that last month (March 2017) sales at apparel stores recorded 8.5 percent increase instead of the expected 4.9 percent. Why the sudden surge in retail?

Spring brings new fashionable colors to the stores. More and more retailors are showing brighter red, orange and yellows. This deviation from once dominated by gray and blue are driving more people into retail stores. The customer psyche is enhanced when they see natural colors of spring at the stores which they see all around them.

On the other hand we have gone through a very rough time during the last year. People were afraid that they or someone closer to them may lose their job. Most of us had to budget finances very carefully. When we come to a point where we see brighter colors, a natural desire to splurge a little dominates our mind. The result is good for the retailer.

The colors of spring are satisfying the human eye rather than sending them away. This year’s brighter colors are bringing more customers to retail stores. Hope the spring will contribute its share to the growth of the economy which was in doldrums.