How to Appropriately Wear Jewelry in Public for Men

Summary: Certain jewelry pieces, when worn around a certain group of people, can cause quite the stir.

Every jewelry piece carries meaning, whether it’s something as simple as ornamental ring or something as deep and profound as a Virgin Mary pendant. Despite it taking up only a small portion of your overall visual representation, people tend to notice jewelry thanks in part to its’ flashy nature and uncommon usage when it comes to men.

Beware of Misrepresentation

People tend to interpret the meaning of a jewelry piece that one wears. For example, a simple silver ring could symbolize wealth and success to some, while others might relate it to a cult or even a shady organization. Jewelry is misinterpreted more than you might think. In turn, it’s important to be careful when wearing jewelry pieces that are outside the norm. Now, it’s quite simple to be flashy when you include jewelry in your everyday outfit, but it’s the balance that makes it unique to your appearance.

Stick to Meaningful Jewelry

Choose jewelry that’s meaningful for your situation. For instance, let’s say you’re talking to a conservative business owner, it’s unlikely you’ll pull out all the stops and wear a lustrous gold necklace – it just looks ostentatious. Another instance would be a religious event. Obviously, it’s appropriate to wear a pendant or a ring from a site like Christian.Jewelry that displays a saint or even a cross. Just like you would dress for the occasion, as the saying goes, you should also keep this in mind when it comes to accessories like jewelry pieces. Always care about your appearance as it can be used to your advantage in various situations.