NCY Fashion Jewelry Trends 2011

NCY Fashion Jewelry Trends 2011

Article by Cara White


As one of the latest fashion cities in the world, New York always teaches us how to be stylish following with the newest fashion trends. New York is famous for its street fashion, look what people wear most in the street, and then you will get the ideas about what is hot both for the dress and fashion jewelry. Wow, let’s go to see the hottest fashion jewelry trends in NCY 2011 from its street fashion.

Punk’d Style

Punk style is the classic fashion style which seems will never fade away from 1970′s till now, and it keeps its charm in fashion world and even become hotter and hotter in 2011. People love to wear punk fashion jewelry to match with their punk dress such as cool punk leather bomber jacket in order to strengthen the punk feeling. Among all punk style fashion jewelry, punk leather bracelet is the fashion adornment which used most for punk dress, and in the mean time to show a little wild side about the wearer thought the unique feature of leather which is it comes from animals.

Vintage Fashion

Vintage fashion not only come back to elegant 30s’ladies, but also gives a strong hit to young fashion girls. The typical vintage during 1930’s such as butterfly necklines, broad shouldered caplets and impeccable grooming are every where in New York City Street as a hot fashion trend. Accordingly, vintage fashion jewelry is the best to match, Bronze Age metal bracelet will be a nice and popular choice to emphasize the vintage style.

Rich Colorful

Coming back to nature will help to release the pressure from the daily heavy work and cockamamie life, and rich colorful dress is fashion but nice for your holiday trip. Therefore, you will see New York Street it will become a colorful fashion ocean in the holiday. No matter the colorful stone fashion jewelry or the colored acrylic fashion jewelry, both will add a fun, natural and light-hearted look for your beautiful holiday time.

Stacked Design

Stacked style fashion jewelry will pair well with the short sleeve, sleeveless dress or outfit in summer, especially the armful style stacked Shamballa Bracelet gives a best look. A set of whole metal bangles, multi strand beaded bracelet set, metal-meets-pearl-meets-thread wrap group…. you can add your old bracelets to the bracelet set, or wear several pieces of one bracelet set separately, or mixed two or more bracelet sets to create the most unique one that only belongs to you, mixed, matched, stacked.

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