Mystery Dinner Theatre: A Fun Way to Wear Vintage Jewellery

Guest post is provided by Cynthia Findlay Antiques. Art Deco rings are a favorite among vintage wear enthusiasts attending a dinner theatre production. Visit the Cynthia Findlay website for a complete collection.

Every person should enjoy a fantastic night of mystery dinner theater to show off their 1920’s vintage jewellery sets.  Dinner theatre nights often include an opportunity for those who dying for a way to dress in classic flapper and vintage cocktail attire. What better way to compliment a gorgeous mod-style outfit than by purchasing an authentic, antique necklace or ring?

Actors aren’t the only people participating in the engaging story. To complete the aura of a retro-style experience, audience members are encouraged to dress the theme as well.  Guests enjoy a gourmet meal in their chicly nostalgic diamond fan earrings and sparkling turtle broach. During the intermissions, estate jewellery fanatics can often admire the findings of their treasure hunts together and compare notes on where to buy them.

The absolute best place to find vintage pieces for a dinner theatre show is at an antique store. Most jewellery today is factory made in bulk and sold in mall stores. Even if it looks vintage, it won’t have the same authentic feel that real antique jewellery has. An antique store that specializes in acquiring and selling vintage jewellery will help you find the best piece to compliment your dinner theatre show outfit for the right price.